When it comes to improving various bicycle facilities in the northern part of the city, Stockton has a master plan.

According to Connie Cochran, Stockton's community relations officer, the project is a part of the city’s master bike plan to enhance the lives of pedestrians and bicyclists, started in an effort to finish the bicycle facilities along Thornton road between Bear Creek and Eight Mile Road.

“The city had also just finished the overpasses along Eight Mile Road and the underpass at Lower Sacramento Road; so in order to create a looped system, bike facilities were required along Eight Mile Road and Lower Sacramento Road,” said Cochran.

“In the future, the City will expand with other projects per the Master Bicycle Plan in these streets,” said Cochran.

Stockton was awarded federal funds through the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) program to insert rectangular flashing rapid flashing beacons and bicycle pedestrian signs. 

“These funds are given to fund transportation projects that are made to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality in areas of the country not meeting the standard but that is not the only reason this area was chosen for improved bike paths according to Cochran.

“There are a lot of bicycle and pedestrian users. The project will provide safety crossings by installing rectangular rapid flashing beacons at four major intersections,” said Cochran.

The intersections are Thornton Road/Bear Creek; Davis Road/Bear Creek; Whistler Way/Pixley Slough; and Rivermont Drive/Pixley Slough, and she stated “The project will create safety connectivity.”

Cochran also shares that a project such as this one will cost $2.6 million.

More areas in the city are currently being considered for bike paths such as South Airport way, California Street, San Joaquin street and Center street.

Increasing the bike paths in the city opens up more ways for community members to travel safely through the city, said Cochran.

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  1. Good morning Gloria,
    I am writing to tell you the other side of this story. My subdivision off of Davis Road backs up to the Bear Creek Bicycle/Pedestrian pathway which backs up to homeowner's back yards. Be careful when using the paved pathway-because up to 9 (unlicensed) motorcycles (that we've seen) along with other groups are racing/traveling up and down the levy. Stockton needs to ENFORCE the current levies before building more paved paths/completing the loop in North Stockton. The City received grant money to do this project mentioned and a construction contract was recently approved by city council (which is directed at school children crossing busy intersections). I have been trying to reach out for MONTHS to get information as to who to speak with in the city to get these darn dirt bikes, trikes, quads/mini quads off this path. Groups can start at Lower Sacramento Road and travel the entire north side of Bear Creek all the way to Trinity Parkway (where there is a large homeless encampment). I have reached out to our council member for District 1 Sol Jobreck. We are now working with the traffic division of PD; however, with a shortage of officers/short staffed priorities are given. I would LOVE to send you videos and pictures of what is actually going on on the pedestrian/bike path. We are terribly concerned that an animal much less a child or adult will get hit or that these “dirt bikes” will loose control at a high rate of speed and end up in someone's back yard! Not to mention the noise-oh that noise which may occur after dark and even after bedtime! We as homeowners want to make sure you have all of the information on this issue so that we can keep everyone safe-thanks!

  2. Hahaha. You used an incorrect term in the title. Bikers refers to motorcyclists colloquially. Bicyclists or Cyclists refers to bicycle riders.

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