Several classrooms and buildings at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton suffered water damage and minor flooding after weeks of heavy rainfall, the college said.

Eleven offices and four classrooms located primarily in the Budd and Shima buildings experienced some water damage, said Alex Breitler, Delta College’s director of marketing and communications.

“For the most part, we’re talking about carpet damage, sheetrock damage, paint, etc.,” said Breitler. “There’s no significant structural damage to the buildings.”

He said the college did have four computers that were affected, but there were no other major issues with any equipment.

Despite some damage possibly taking months to fix, such as carpet removal, removing wet sheetrock, repainting and replacing items, the college said classes and services were not interrupted.

In addition to flooding, the college also had 17 fallen trees and lost power for two days during the storms.

“We’re thankful for our Facilities and Information Technology staff, some of whom had to work during the college’s winter closure to clear debris, unclog drains, etc.,” Breitler said Wednesday. “Spring Semester started this week, and thanks to their efforts, we were able to make sure that classes and services are moving forward and that everyone is safe and dry.”

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