Experience the enchantment of the Stockton Lantern Festival, a mesmerizing event set to illuminate Stockton's baseball stadium with a kaleidoscope of colors. Our feature article dives into the heart of this spectacular festival, showcasing tens of thousands of LED lights and vibrant fabric designs that bring the night to life. Join us in celebrating this unique cultural extravaganza, where tradition meets modern spectacle, and the community comes together under a canopy of light and joy. Read more about how the Stockton Lantern Festival is set to become a beacon of beauty and unity in our city.

Tens of thousands of LED lights, metal and fabric in vibrant colors have been brought together to create the first Stockton Lantern Festival.

That’s a ballpark figure.

Starting Friday, Nov. 24, Stockton Ballpark will host “”Koda's Journey to the Magic Forest,” a festival of Chinese lanterns which tells the story of Koda, an eight-year-old boy, as he pursues an adventure through the woods in Peru.

The lights and lanterns were handcrafted and presented by Tianyu Arts Culture Inc., and it’s the first time the company has done a Chinese lantern show at a baseball stadium.

Amy Sieffert and her daughter Claire at a preview earlier this week of the Stockton Lantern Festival. (Photo by Robyn Jones)

Bringing the event to the city was a two-year process, according to Jason Perry, general manager of ASM Stockton, which manages the ballpark, Adventist Health Arena, and facilities in town.

“One of our sister properties at ASM Global in Cary, North Carolina has the Chinese Lantern Festival with Tianyu, so we worked with them to bring the same type of show to Stockton,” Perry said. “This is a unique experience, it’s specifically designed for Stockton.”

Iris Guo of Tianyu Arts Culture is the project manager in Stockton. She has been in town since mid-October and leads a 20-person crew who worked 12 hours a day for 35 days in a row to bring Koda’s adventure to life.

She said bringing the festival to Stockton had its unique challenges. When Perry contacted Tianyu Arts Culture, they used Google Images to come up with a layout.

A butterfly display at the Stockton Lantern Festival. (Photo by Robyn Jones)

“It’s totally different in Stockton from other cities and other projects,” Guo said. “In other cities, most of the time we set up in zoos, like we did at Oklahoma City Zoo. It’s different, because at zoos you have to follow the pathways. In the ballpark, you can pick whatever you want.”

Guests will be greeted by a large light display as they enter the ballpark, and will go through an interactive tour of the Magic Forest complete with seesaws and swings for children, and walks through the butterfly, dragon and other areas.

There will also be live stage performances featuring music, dance and acrobats. The festival runs through Jan. 14, 2024, and will open daily at 5 p.m. Ticket prices begin at $19 for ages 2-12 and increase to $23 for anyone 13 or older, and can be purchased at Stockton Live!

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  1. Shocked that almost 30% is added to the ticket prices in fees at checkout. Our party of 8 decided on something else.

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