The San Joaquin Regional Transit District is offering free rides to the polls Tuesday in an effort to make voting in the state's general election easy and accessible.

Free rides will be offered on the district's Express, Local, and Hopper services as part of their “Buses for Democracy” program.

“It is essential that everyone has the ability to perform their civic duty and cast their ballot,” said Alex Clifford, chief executive officer of the transit district.

Anyone boarding the bus to get transportation to the polls will need to notify the bus operator that they are traveling to or from the polls as soon as they get onto the bus.

“No one should be denied their right to vote simply because they can't afford a ride. Free public transportation on election day will help by providing access to those who may not have transportation and help ensure that everyone can participate in our democracy,” said Clifford.

Local polling locations can be found at by entering a person's home address.

County officials said there are 25 ballot drop-off boxes located throughout the county and on Tuesday, all of the boxes will be available from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

As of Oct 10, there were 385,000 voters eligible to vote in the county, according to county officials.

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