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Our website,, was used by hackers in the past two days as a test scamming site. Basically, they used our online donation system to troll a mass number of credit cards at a bogus $5 donation each. Although the vast majority of purchases failed, some went through and we are the card holders and refunding the charge.

If you believe you have been charged erroneously, please contact is at

Sorry for any inconvenience,

Internitv Group

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  1. Hi Scott L.
    Just wanted to let you know of my daughter, Leanne Cutler. She received a Sports Emmy for Outstanding Graphic Design for 2021-2022. She and her team of Animators worked on the 2 Minute shorts on YouTube channel called “The Portal”. Thought you might have an interview with her to share with Internitv some Positive News from those born and raised in Stockton. By the way, I am so proud of her, if you can't tell. It might be a great story for your news service. Best wishes to you and your family Happy New Years.

    Ron Cutler

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